Distant release crushing new song “Hellmouth”, announce new album

Distant is one of deathcore’s newest heavy hitters, with a wildly successful debut album. Distant released their first piece of material in 2017, and signed to Unique Leader Records for their debut album. The band has just unveiled the next chapter with their new song ‘Hellmouth’. Distant is known for the gloomy, heavy, desperate atmosphere inside the extremely heavy deathcore music they write. Distant’s new song ‘Hellmouth’ is the first song taken from the band’s upcoming album ‘Dawn of Corruption’ which is set for a October 23rd, 2020 release via the legendary Unique Leader Records.

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The Acacia Strain’s Vincent Bennett: “Please Stop Liking My Band If You Don’t Think Black Lives Matter”

Vincent Bennett of The Acacia Strain is not one to mince words. While the vocalist is definitely known for biting and nihilistic lyrics while punishingly heavy riffs stack over the top, he’s also someone who knows the ins and outs of the industry – and current events – quite well. That makes what Vincent posted on social media a couple days ago even more necessary in the dark times we live in.

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Arizona indie rock group Optimystical release their new song ‘Blind’ – listen!

Optimystical is a fairly unique band that appeared on our radar reently. The indie rock group blends in hip-hop and elements of blues, making for an interesting experience. This works out surprisingly well. Optimystical has just unveiled their newest music video for their song ‘Blind’, which is taken from their latest EP ‘Void Of’. The EP is out now worldwide! Optimystical creates a relaxing, ambient atmosphere within their music, and that especially holds true on ‘Blind’ – and the EP as a whole. Optimystical released their first track 2 years ago, in 2018 and have since continued to build their unique foundation of hip-hop, indie rock, and a touch of blues.