Learn how to get your music heard with Push Digital Marketing

In a cutthroat field such as the music industry it’s hard to stay up-to date and afloat in a neverending pool of competition. The key to get ahead is networking and utilizing resources and knowledge in the most effective way. This can be a very scary field for those who have never had any prior experience to marketing, branding, and business. Combine that with the already stressful aspect of being a musician, and you know it’s not very wise to ignore the marketing aspect completely. It’s actually very vital to dive head first into a marketing strategy to achieve the best results for the music you’re releasing. This is where Push Digital Marketing comes in. The brand new company was founded by Adam Ramey from Dropout Kings. Push Digital Marketing currently has more than 30 clients and is vastly growing their web of networks throughout the music industry. The company’s goal is to help artists strategize, teach, and execute marketing strategies used throughout the industry. Push Digital Marketing seeks to put the artists in the driver seat by teaching them the tools needed in the marketing world for the music industry. From adverts to branding Push strives to cover the know-hows for the pushing your music forward. We had the honor to speak to the owner, Adam, about his vision and goals with Push Digital Marketing.

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Featured: Hip-hop artist Dela Preme and his newest song Chrysanthemum

Hip-hop artist Dela Preme is on the grind forward with his music, energic and passionate with each song. Dela Preme released his first album in 2016 and since then has strived to master his craft. His newest music video and song Chrysanthemum is a good example of hard work paying off. The video was directed by $ammy Black. Chrysanthemum¬†is taken off Dela’s newest EP ‘Quarantine Preme’¬†which is out now worldwide!

Deftones reveal release date of new album via a Los Angeles billboard

After teasing it for months, it’s more or less official at this point – Deftones have revealed the release date of their upcoming record. The alt-metal legends also teased the all-but-confirmed title of their upcoming record over the past few days as well – and astute Deftones fans can probably guess what it is at this point.

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