Shrine of Malice guitarist Izzy Rodriguez suddenly leaves the band

The guitarist for the up and coming band Shrine of Malice has abruptly left the group, with no explanation. Izzy Rodriguez posted to his social media that he was no longer a member of the band. This came as quite a shock to fans as the band has just put out their recent release Sheol that was released in October of 2019. At the time of this article, Shrine of Malice has not made a official statement.

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MIKAELA releases her first single “Bring Me Blood” off her upcoming album – listen!

Solo artist MIKAELA has made her debut in the metal world with her first single “Bring Me Blood” which is full of energy, bone smashing riffs, and some insane vocals. MIKAELA is a newly found solo artist who is finding her ground very quickly. Bring Me Blood was the first song to be released that is taken from her upcoming record “Nocturne In Red” which doesn’t have a set release date yet. MIKAELA can be compared to artist like Arch Enemy, Spirit Box, and Carnifex. The debut song was released with a accompanying music video that brought Bring Me Blood to life, in it’s fullest and bloodiest form. No doubt at this rate MIKAELA will be turning heads in the music world.

Unsyned + New Fury Media present: Battle Of The Bands

We’re excited to be teaming up with Unsyned for the first Battle of the Bands, co-sponsored by us! We’re teaming up with Unsyned to host a music contest that anyone can submit their music to. With a few small caveats, of course.

The songs all go into one playlist that plays at random in the Unsyned mobile apps for Android and iOS. Everyone is on a level playing field here. Users will be able to vote on your song in the app and if they vote on every song in the contest, they’ll be able to re-up your vote every day.

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idle threat confides that “Nothing is Broken For Good” in new EP (review)

idle threat, whom I’ve only heard of up to this point, are set to release their first bit of new music for the first time in four years. The new EP,¬†Nothing is Broken For Good, is “about temporal pain and suffering and the endurance that it takes to remain hopeful that it will come to pass,” says the band. The persistence through struggle is prime subject matter and is sure to make for an evocative listen. Let’s take a look at the new EP:

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