The Video Games That Shaped Me (D.K. Lyons)

Pretty much every musician has a hobby outside of being broke and playing music. Whether it’s drawing and graphic design on the artistic side of things or even passing the time playing video games, you can likely count on your favorite artists having other artistic talents as well.

That’s why we’re stoked to bring you another edition of The Video Games That Shaped Me, where the premise is simple – we bring in a musician or other artist to discuss some of the video games they played growing up. Today, we’ve got singer/songwriter D.K. Lyons here to talk about everything from winning 16 virtual World Series championships to the awesome soundtracks in games like SSX: On Tour. His debut album, The Past (Romanticized), is out now – so give it a spin below! Taking influence from the likes of Tom Petty and early Goo Goo Dolls, Lyons’ music is a stirring cavalcade of emotions, so don’t miss out.

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Royal Hearts – “Within Reach” (review)

My discovery of Royal Hearts came from a Twitter follow of all places. This band’s social media presence is quite excellent, interacting with their fanbase consistently and amicably. I’ve noticed a few bands operating like this, from Easy Way Out to The Seafloor Cinema. Bonding with potential fans is great, but how does the music pan out? Let’s take a look at their debut EP, Within Reach.

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