White Noise: On 2011’s ‘Impulse’, progressive metalcore band Erra got off to a roaring start

While the genre is fairly oversaturated at this point, there was a time early in the last decade where bands playing progressive metalcore were uncommon. Alabama’s Erra were one of the first to emerge a decade ago, releasing a series of EP’s that eventually landed them a record deal with Tragic Hero Records. While their newer output (especially the 2016 release of Drift) earned them a growing fanbase, it’s the band’s first two records, Impulse and Augment, that laid the groundwork for future success.

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THE HOLY VEINS Reveal Lyric Video for Bowie-infused Debut Single, “Drown”

NYC based Alternative Rocker THE HOLY VEINS, musician, composer, and actor CASON DAY’s solo project, has released the official lyric video for the new single, “Drown.” “Greatness can never be achieved by playing things safe. The Holy Veins are here to prove to the world that there are still musicians/bands trying to make a difference, that still care about musicianship, showmanship, originality, and creating something that people believe in. I’m truly grateful to be on this journey towards something spectacular – to show the world that it’s time to shake things up, and to create not just a unique new band, but a movement – to show the world that rock and roll is here to stay.” – CASON DAY

The Holy Veins is a musical movement for a generation that wants to feel something new.

Equal parts Muse and Charlie Puth, between Daft Punk and Queen, The Holy Veins joins the ranks of Maroon 5’s electric-charged early releases and Harry Styles’ vulnerable retro charm, creating exciting emotional music that embraces a new breed of rock. Houston-native Cason Day formed The Holy Veins officially in March 2020, an amalgamation of simmering songs and lyrics steeped in years of collaborating with other local New York musicians and bands. As he began to build a stylistic library through his work on stage and in the studio, the songs became a collection of something bigger, and Lost My Mind began to take shape. The Holy Veins defies the limits of genre and uses raw emotion to create a new sound influenced by the best music of the last 40 years. Their debut EP Lost My Mind is a journey with addiction, religion, and love or lust, explored through a lens of alternative rock, pop, and electronic funk, to create something new for a generation coming-of-age that won’t settle for less. Connect with THE HOLY VEINS: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Spotify