Cane Hill is in the studio recording new music

The last time we heard from New Orleans metal band Cane Hill, they were touring with Sevendust and releasing last year’s Kill The Sun EP, a short but sweet record that was a major change of pace for the band. While it certainly resonated well with the band’s burgeoning fanbase, it appears the band’s new music – which is being recorded now – will have some of the heavy vibes that made the band’s debut EP and first two full-lengths so successful.

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Trapt’s new record ‘Shadow Work’ sells just 600 albums in its first week of release

The person who coined the phrase “there’s no such thing as bad publicity” probably isn’t a fan of #MAGA favorite rock band Trapt. The band, who emerged in 2002 with the admittedly huge hit “Headstrong”, are perhaps more known for vocalist Chris Brown’s Twitter tirades and hilarious memes than anything else. In case you forgot the band makes music, their new album Shadow Work released a couple weeks ago, too!

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HAULIX introduces podcast focusing on musicians recovering from addiction

High Notes

HAULIX, which provides the software that I use to stream most of my reviews early, has announced that they’re launching the High Notes podcast later this month.

Hosted by James Shotwell, this podcast hones on a vital topic: addiction and recovery. Plaguing the music industry for decades, alcohol and drugs can and will ruin the lives of any musician seeking solace from the stress of touring, overworking, etc. It’s a discussion worth having over and over again to restructure and save lives.

High Notes has a who’s-who of musician guests that have personal experiences with this struggle, including Anthony Green of Circa Survive, Bert McCracken of The Used, Ronnie Winter of Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, and several others. The podcast is partnered with HeartSupport (a powerful organization led by August Burns Red vocalist Jake Luhrs) and Global Recovery Initiatives Foundation.

Beginning July 28th, the entire eight-episode first season will be available wherever you stream podcasts.