New Found Glory’s ‘Sticks And Stones’ album is certified Platinum, “My Friends Over You” goes Gold

New Found Glory are a veritable pop-punk institution. Before Warped Tour met its demise, you could count on the band playing the summer festival every other year, and generally being one of the most popular bands in the genre to exist. Prevalent hardcore influences abound in the band’s music as well, making them a band that has a diverse fanbase.

The band, who recently released their 10th studio album, have another two accolades to add to their repertoire. While the band already has multiple Gold records under their collective belts, the band’s 2002 album Sticks And Stones – as well as its huge single “My Friends Over You” – have now reached major milestones as well.

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Julianna Barwick mystifies and soothes with “Healing is a Miracle” (review)

Julianna Barwick, 2020. Photo by Jen Medina

It’s extremely rare that I come across music that actually gives me goosebumps. It’s one thing to get an emotional connection with a band, but something completely different when it resonates with you on first listen. Julianna Barwick’s “Inspirit” almost brought tears to my eyes when I took a look at July 10th’s releases and gave her a listen. Sounding downright heavenly, I knew I had to get a listen of her upcoming album, Healing is a Miracle.

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Canadian post-hardcore quartet HONOUR BOUND channel the past and future of the genre with crushing debut single “Brittle Bones”

Honour Bound

Let’s be honest here: it’s hard to stand out in the metalcore and post-hardcore genres. It often feels like every good idea has been done already and that the genre has reached its logical end. Canadian post-hardcore / metalcore / everything-in-between rockers Honour Bound are a reminder that fresh new voices DO exist…they just might be hiding in the woods up north somewhere. 

They just dropped new single “Brittle Bones” and it’s a clear indicator that Honour Bound bring a welcome and refreshing energy to their genre. Leading with melodic, flowing chords and sung vocals, Honour Bound recall something like mid-period Bring Me the Horizon (think the more mellow parts of Suicide Season or There is a Hell) crossed with Haste the Day. The track—the opening salvo to a six-song, self-titled EP due out July 27th—quickly gets down to business and takes a turn for the heavy, shifting to growled vocals and chugging breakdowns.

“The lyrical themes of this song can talk about how a band can get you off of your bullshit, and how it pushes us further to be better musicians and bandmates. It’s largely about coming out of yourself from depression or inaction. Musically, we just wanted to do our part to compliment that theme; and try to emulate Lee’s (singer) emotional vocals with the music. We wanted to explore the melancholic- yet- hopeful vibe of the message.” – Nick Carrier (guitar)

Perhaps the most impressive thing about “Brittle Bones” is that it is the first song the world has ever heard from the fledgling band. The way they combine the shimmering, melodic textures of Emarosa, Haste the Day and Crown the Empire with djent-influenced low end is indicative of a bright future—unlike the forefathers of the sound, Honour Bound may not have an awkward phase to grow out of, or a scene phase to grow into.

The bands self-titled EP will be released on July 27th. For now, stream “Brittle Bones” here and follow the band on Facebook for more updates. 

Half a million of Myspace’s 50 million lost songs have been recovered

Back in 2018, as you may remember, Myspace lost millions of songs during a botched server migration. A massive number of bands got their start on the social network, including everyone from The Maine to The Black Dahlia Murder. While it was long thought these songs would end up erased from history (except for our memories), there’s good news – half a million of these songs have now been recovered. While it doesn’t scratch the surface of the over 50 million songs that were originally lost, it’s a sizable amount that’s also better than nothing.

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