NOM∀DIC’s “Euphoria” is epic, powerful, and July’s best metal album (review)

NOM∀DIC, 2020

It is with great pleasure that I have the opportunity to bring to your attention a metal album that is one of the most important ad masterful of 2020. When I reached out to NOM∀DIC ahead of the original April release date of Euphoria, I only had one song to go off of, but was smitten with what I heard. After COVID hit, the band did something no other did for their delay: they released a single off the record every two weeks ahead of this July 10th release. Each with their own artwork and vibe, this ingenious method helped me grow to adore Euphoria ahead of its eventual release.

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Sharptooth’s “Transitional Forms” is a hardcore smash hit (review)

The genre of hardcore is ever-expanding and bringing new bands into the fold left and right. It’s easy to overlook some, but one that’s worth your time is Sharptooth. This fresh act on the scene dropped an impressive debut in Clever Girl, and is following it up with their sophomore LP on Pure Noise, Transitional Forms. This is one I’m excited to delve into:

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Outline in Color evolve with “Imposter Syndrome pt. 1” (review)

Back in the days of iTunes, I’d be devoted to finding new bands through the “related albums” at the bottom of each page. I’d come to see early stuff from greats like Fit for a King, Kingdom of Giants, and Outline in Color. The latter blew me away with their debut EP, crafting a heaviness in “My Other Car is a Time Machine” and a soft ballad in “Promises.” Ever since, I kept my eye on the band through member changes and diverse albums, and, with a new solidified lineup, Outline in Color look to impress with Imposter Syndrome pt. 1:

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