Captain Graveyard drop catchy new cover of The Medic Droid’s “Fer Sure” – listen!

Captain Graveyard is a fresh slice of talent that hearkens back to the previous era of electronic infused metalcore. Captain Graveyard knows their demographic with their music and embrace it full force. The trio mixes the old electronic style that once ran rampant throughout the music scene in the mid 2000s and fuses it with today’s modern element. The band started with a “Don’t Trust Me” cover originally done by 3OH!3, which gained fair attention throughout its release. Captain Graveyard have now released their new cover of “Fer Sure” by The Medic Droid, an act from the Myspace era that further takes us back to that glorious period of music. The new take on “Fer Sure” is a pretty catchy one that is accompanied by a nicely done lyric video that blends with the aesthetic like cold water on a hot summer day. Captain Graveyard is currently working on their debut album, too!

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