Planetkiller release their crushing new song “Become None” – listen!

Planetkiller is a deathcore band with sprinkles of slam influence scattered throughout their music. Residing in Kelowna, British Colombia, Canada, the band is fairly new with just one EP under their belt and has consistently released new music ever since their first song.  Planetkiller has geared up to release their crushing new song “Become None” via Slam Worldwide. The new song is the second single to release since their debut EP “Treachery” released in 2019. “Become None” kicks off fast and keeps the pressure going throughout the entire track with crushing vocals, tasty bass drops, and anger induced guitar playing. The band is efficient, keeping a lot of the recording and production work inside the band.  Planetkiller has found their way on my top new artists list fairly quickly with good reasoning.

INTERVIEW: Slaves frontman/The Voice runner-up Matt McAndrew talks name change, dream tour

Slaves, 2020

Slaves has been a hot topic in the year since they released their first single with a new vocalist, “Heavier.” There was skepticism around replacing the previous frontman, but Matt came into his own as the band released single after single ahead of the long-awaited release of To Better Days. Today, we caught up with Matt and asked about the album lead-up:

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Forest Green – In Waves (review)

Forest Green, 2020

The midwest emo scene has been turbulent and transformative the past few years. Genre staples like Tiny Moving Parts, Charmer, and The World is a Beautiful Place have made waves with their happy-sounding, depressed-lyric forays, but the more tonal side of the genre lies in bands like Forest Green. With a more traditional, alternative approach, this band looks to impress with their debut LP, In Waves:

Emotional and vehement, In Waves kicks off with “5’6″ Ain’t Bad,” a personal diatribe in the vein of Chevelle and Filter. Adhering to the checklist of emo, there’s ample angst, somber guitar riffs, and a drum fill sprinkled in here and there. Leading single “Ivory” lyrically encapsulates the sadness within failure, with a striking outro instrumental fitting the mood exquisitely.

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