Akron, Ohio’s 6deep release their new song “Callout Culture” – listen!

The Ohio scene has a new face in town. 6deep is a newly founded nu-metalcore band from Akron, Ohio. The band is proud to present their new song “Callout Culture”, and this song goes straight for the teeth. The song is a promising release for the band, and a good push as a new band both in quality and writing. “Callout Culture” is a high energy song with a lot of backbone. This is 6deep’s second release, with their first being titled “Watch Us Burn”. Check out “Callout Culture” below!

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The Anix get electric in new album “Graphite” (review)

The Anix

It’s interesting to cover a band that’s been at it for 20 years, but has a fresh sheen of paint to their sound in 2020. That’s the case with The Anix, the project of Brandon Smith. Originally a full band, Brandon made the transition to a solo act in 2017 and has switched away from the band’s previous alternative sound to implement synths and techy production. 2020 marks the fourth straight year of an album, so let’s see how Graphite shapes up in the scheme of The Anix’s longevity:

Some songs get the band treatment, but The Anix’s appeal lies within the layered synthesizer runs that swathe each song. You can hear distinct guitars in songs like “Still Standing,” but others like “Die with You” forego it all, perhaps to bring emphasis to Brandon’s vocals. His voice is akin to Jared Leto in delicate, driven delivery.

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Kane Lacey releases first EP, “Started in an Empty House”

Kane Lacey, 2020

YouTuber/streamer Kane Lacey has at long last released his debut EP, Started in an Empty House. I’ve been following this content creator for the better part of the decade, as he’s made waves on the internet in his pursuits with meme pages, YouTube videos, streaming, and now a reinvigorated music outing.

This R&B outing is quite the striking start for Kane, who shows singer-songwriter talent in easygoing, angsty jams encompassing several genres. Tracks like “She” and “Bed” have massive replayability with choruses that are truly infectious.

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Thirty Nights of Violence add depth to hardcore in “You’ll See Me Up There” (review)

Thirty Nights of Violence, 2020 taken by Joey Wasileski

For a new band to make themselves known, it takes them making a statement. Thirty Nights of Violence are a newer hardcore band that have a miniscule following, but they’re looking to change that with their new EP You’ll See Me Up There. In the vast sea of the genre, it takes a lot to not come off as stale, so let’s see if these newcomers are able to stand out:

Coming out the gates swinging, “Lost in your Light” brings me back to the days of The Chariot, not resting for a second in a track’s runtime. This piece has it all: blast beats, triplet breakdowns, panic riffs, two different layers of unclean vocals, the list goes on and shows Thirty Nights of Violence aren’t a one-trick pony.

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