Influential alt-rock band Hum surprise releases first new album in 22 years, ‘Inlet’

Influential to many bands including Deftones and Hopesfall, 90’s alt-rock heroes Hum have surprise released Inlet, their first album in 22 years. The band’s first album since 1998’s Downward Is Heavenward, the band deserved – but unfortunately never quite received – the commercial success they should have. A band that brought together shoegaze influences with some of the best-sounding guitar crunch of the 90’s, they are an influential band of the era that didn’t quite get their due. However, with their first new album in 22 years out now (you can stream it below), you can probably figure out why they are such an influential act. Even if you’ve heard their signature 1995 hit “Stars” entirely too many times, there’s no excuse to not get on this one. This is Hum – just grown up.

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ALIVE ALONE Announces New EP, ‘Therapy’

Therapy Album Cover

Chicago, IL based Alternative Heavy Rock Band ALIVE ALONE has announced the release of their upcoming new album, Therapy. Due out June 30, 2020, Therapy was produced by Grammy winning record producer Dave Schiffman (WeezerSystem of a DownVampire Weekend).


Click to Download / Stream “Safe Sinners” Online

Therapy is an exploration of human emotion, journey through depression & mental health treatment. It tells a story that starts with loss, spite, & hopelessness, and leads toward hope and healing.” – ALIVE ALONE


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ALIVE ALONE is a 4 piece alternative heavy rock outfit from the southside of Chicago, Illinois. They have toured the United States & Canada for the last five years with acts such as I Set My Friends On Fire (Warner Music Group), Knockout Kid (Bullet Tooth Records), CHALLENGER (Standy Records), & Neurotic November (Victory Records). They have also been featured on publications such as Bus InvadersMusically Fresh, & New Noise Magazine.


Properties of Nature are diverse and driven with debut “Wolves in Business Suits” (review)

Properties of Nature, 2019

I’m consistently shocked at how many unknown bands I’ve come across with heaps and heaps of talent to display. Properties of Nature is no different. This funky post-hardcore band has a familiar sound, but a distinct identity in their execution. At long last, their debut album, Wolves in Business Suits, will be let loose into the world this Thursday, but here’s a preview:

“Pirates Don’t Say “Yarr!” Anymore” makes it obvious from the start that Properties of Nature isn’t your everyday band. The smooth time-signature transition, the layering of guitar riffs at all times, and strange song structure creates an unpredictable listen for first-timers. I counted and there’s six completely-different sounding sections to this opening track.

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