No Justice, No Peace: Bad Rabbits’ new video for “WWYD” is a powerful look at the USA right now

Though it was released in 2016, Bad Rabbits’ American Nightmare is an all too relevant piece of art. The anger, sadness, and despondency that fueled the eclectic record – which takes influence from hip-hop, R&B, and soul music filtered through a harder-edged sound – is all too palpable today. Even on their 2009 debut EP Stick Up Kids, the band early on was crafting catchy and intelligently-written music with lots of energy. At the time of AN’s recording, the Baltimore riots were going on – and the album’s most powerful statement, “WWYD”, still resonates 4 years later through the countless, senseless slayings of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor. Now, the band has unveiled a powerful new video for the song, which you can view below. Fair warning – if “What Would You Do?” doesn’t give you a chill down your spine, we’re not sure what to tell you. It’s a real and powerful statement.

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Deftones to celebrate 20th anniversary of White Pony with a new remixed version of the album, ‘Black Stallion’

White Pony certainly changed alternative and metal music forever upon its 2000 release, and while we now know the band’s new full-length album will likely see a fall/September target date, Deftones aren’t staying stagnant this year. The band has already celebrated the 10th anniversary of Diamond Eyes earlier this year with a special livestream listening party, and while they’ll be doing just that again with White Pony in the coming days, there’s also exciting news that they’ll be releasing a remixed version of the album called Black Stallion.

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Specifying “unprecedented costs”, Live Nation wants musicians to take a massive pay cut in 2021

(PRNewsfoto/Live Nation Entertainment)

It’s harder than ever to be a musician right now, especially one that thrives on live shows. With many shows simply not happening for the foreseeable future, musicians have had to resort to unique measures to supplement their meager incomes. Whether it’s bands like Code Orange conducting unique, intense livestream shows on Twitch or Fearless Records hosting streams for their own artists, never underestimate the ability of an artist to get creative if it means still getting to do what they’re passionate about.

Unfortunately, it appears Live Nation – which is the largest live events company in North America – wants musicians to shoulder even more of the costs next year. While it’s certainly questionable when large-scale live concerts and events will even make a comeback, some of the stipulations for next year include a staggering 20% drop in artist guarantees, among other things. In a memo obtained by Rolling Stone, that 20% drop in artist guarantees isn’t the scariest number here.

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South Korean metalcore band End These Days reach their “Dead End” on ferocious new single (Premiere)

It’s been 3 years since South Korean metalcore upstarts End These Days have released a new album, but luckily for you – especially if you’re a little late on the band’s hype train – the band has a new song out. The single, “Dead End”, is one of three songs you’ll be able to find on the band’s upcoming EP of the same name, which drops June 22nd. We’re also stoked to be premiering the title track alongside Dreambound, and needless to say, we think you’ll like what this young metalcore band is doing.

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