Premiere: Headwreck are hardcore’s newest hitters with “Good Grief”

Headwreck, 2020

Today, we’re bringing you yet another one from down under.

Headwreck is a hardcore outfit from Brisbane, Australia, and they’re poised to take their scene by storm. With the single “As Is” under their belt, New Fury is pleased to present the second single from the band: “Good Grief.”

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New Found Glory establish their pop punk royalty in “Forever And Ever x Infinity” (review)

New Found Glory, 2020 (credit: Acacia Evans)

New Found Glory has been a band for 23 years and is known for hits like “My Friends Over You” and “Dressed to Kill.” Their unmistakable pop-punk prowess led them to be up there with the likes of Simple Plan, Sum 41, and Good Charlotte. They’re a household name at this point, but are they still relevant? Let’s take a look with their 10th outing, Forever And Ever x Infinity.

Kicking off the 15-track album, “Shook By Your Shaved Head” is a tongue-in-cheek, riff-heavy jaunt. It’s par-for-the-course with NFG, with jovial lyrics and a carefree presentation. “Greatest of All Time” is the leading single, operating as quintessential pop-punk with a “’96 Bulls” lyric that smacked a smirk on my face. This is the most accessible track off Forever And Ever x Infinity to reel old fans back in.

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