Blueshift begin funding for their excellent debut LP on vinyl

Blueshift, 2020

Djent/progressive metal band Blueshift have announced that they’re funding a vinyl release for their first album, Voyager. I had the pleasure of reviewing this record early, and it’s my #1 djent album of 2020 so far. The band does a stellar job of creating an atmosphere and sounds up there with the likes of ERRA and Volumes.

This crowdfunding campaign comes as the band is unsigned and self-funded. They’ve garnered a following thanks to landing videos on Dreambound and having a breakthrough sound, but creating vinyl is far from cheap.

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Hundredth teasing long album length to follow-up ‘RARE’

Hundredth made a bold change in sound in 2017 with their record RARE. Phasing away from the melodic hardcore archetype and opting into a more shoegaze, reverb-y approach, this transition was colossal, but it paid off, as the artistic direction made for my album of the year in 2017. The soundscape of RARE and the ensuing Ultrarare/summer of 2019 singles are divine, and a fascinating shift for the group.

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