The Little Mermaid’s “Under The Sea” gets a death metal version courtesy of Below The Tide

In times when everything just seems to be falling apart, the little things bring a simple smile to your face. If that sounds like something you need right now or you’re just bored – you should indulge into a cover of The Little Mermaid’s hit song “Under The Sea” performed by Below The Tide! Below The Tide is a deathcore band from Kent, OH. They have toured all over the United States and played supporting Carnifex, Whitechapel and more.¬†The band recorded this cover almost 5 years ago and decided now was the time to release it, and we’re glad they did!

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Lightworker start strong with a solid metalcore debut effort on “Fury By Failure” (review)

Lightworker, 2020

In a banner year for metalcore, the more, the merrier. Solid State Records has given us Azusa, Earth Groans, Silent Planet re-issues… it’s an all-around good time with this label in 2020. They look to expand upon it with Lightworker, releasing their debut album¬†Fury By Failure this Friday.

Beginning with “Empyre”, Lightworker establishes their gravitas in crafting a memorable melodic metalcore sound, reminiscent of Darkness Divided and Phinehas. Stacked to the brim with triplet-chugs and vast clean vocals, this makes for a well-rounded sound. “The Willing Martyr” continues the guitar riffage in both the verse/chorus before a masterful guitar solo.

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