LUNE prove Australian metalcore is killing it with “Ghost” EP (review)

LUNE, 2020

My Australian press contacts over at Collision Course has been hooking me up with quality bands ever since I reached out to them to cover Future Static. Thanks to them, I’ve come across alt., Father Deer Hands, and Alienist, but today’s focus lies with LUNE. This metalcore act is getting their start with the Ghost EP, and it’s one I was sure not to miss out on.

Kicking off with the title track and their debut single, LUNE is making it clear from the get-go that their brand of metalcore sounds large and in-charge. But when the chorus hits, the clean vocals manage to impress just as readily, tackling high notes with authority. The tempo-change breakdown is vicious, and the reverberating final vocals within it are just as noteworthy as an “arf arf” from Knocked Loose.

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