Knocked Loose + Dying Wish announce collaborative new “Enemies In Blue” merch for charity

While the two bands already collaborated last year on Dying Wish’s “Enemies In Red”, Dying Wish and Knocked Loose are one of many bands using their platforms for good in the wake of the George Floyd protests and riots all across the USA. The two bands have collaborated on a new shirt that benefits both the Portland Freedom Fund and the Louisville Community Bail Fund – the home cities of both bands.

Of course, once you see the shirt, you’ll probably notice the comments from disgruntled fans on social media. Some of them are hilariously uninformed, and many of the others are distressingly shortsighted as to what the real problem is here. Surprisingly, it might shock people that both bands are *gasp* anti-establishment! And it’s not like either band is profiting off this shirt, either. Clearly, none of the dissenters here have ever once read the lyrics of “Oblivions Peak”.

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TNF Video Premiere: Demise Of The Crown – “Sparks Fly”

Hailing from Montreal, Canada, metal band Demise Of The Crown have gained a sizable fanbase in just the last couple years. With a sound that draws from both classic American and European heavy metal, the Canadian five-piece brings everything from melodic death metal influences, to rock, to even accessible rhythms on their new album, Life In The City. We’re excited to be premiering the video for the track “Sparks Fly”. Give it a watch below, and if you like what you hear (you definitely will), give the entire new record a spin as well.

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Australia’s Alpha Wolf hit hard on new track, “Akudama”, detail upcoming new album

Australian metalcore band Alpha Wolf have become one of the bigger names in the scene as of late, and fans have been clamoring for new material. Well, the wait is over. Alpha Wolf have premiered an incendiary new song, “Akudama”, off their upcoming sophomore album, a quiet place to die. “This song is me flicking the dirt off my shoulders, planting my feet in the ground and flying a bird in the face of anyone who doesn’t think I should be here”, explains the bands lead vocalist, Lochie Keogh. a quiet place to die will be available for pre-order this Friday. Stream the video, with visuals by Third Eye Visuals, below.

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