Australian metal keeps getting better, this time with Ironstone’s debut “Prophecy” (review)

Ironstone, 2020

Some of the best bands in metal today are coming out of the Australian continent. Polaris, Northlane, In Hearts Wake, Make Them Suffer, the list goes on and on. Today, it gets larger with Ironstone and their debut EP, Prophecy.

“Downpour” begins with a storm as the backdrop before a sitar hook. The vocals and use of synth are reminiscent of Dream Theater, while the instruments are a smooth djent akin to Twelve Foot Ninja. The uncleans are quite raw, a bit jarring after the pretty cleans, but emphasize the words “here comes the downpour!”

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SLAVES announce release date for highly-anticipated new album “To Better Days”

SLAVES, 2020

Finally, the time has come for SLAVES to announce details on their first album with new vocalist Matt McAndrew.

After releasing a single every few months or so, the band has come into their own and shown that McAndrew is a perfect fit for the act. Songs like “Bury a Lie” and “Heavier” are sure to get stuck in the heads of thousands, like they did mine.

The band has announced that¬†To Better Days will see its release on August 7th. Pre-orders will go live on May 29th alongside the new single “Wasting My Youth.”

There’s a reason McAndrew almost won The Voice. Discover why with any of these stellar SLAVES singles. This is a band not to miss.

TNF Video Premiere: Red Cain – “Juliet”

If you’re a prog fan, you’ve come to the right place today. Somewhere between the grandiosity of power metal and more progressive-leaning metal (think: Kamelot, Symphony X) lies Canada’s Red Cain. The band’s debut full-length, Kindred: Act I, dropped on Sliptrick Records recently, and was hailed by Dead Rhetoric as no less than a record that holds “multi-genre appeal”. Impressive stuff overall if you’re into what some of these bands are doing nowadays, and even more impressive for Red Cain considering it’s the band’s debut full-length.

We’re excited to be premiering the band’s new video for “Juliet” today, as well. The video for the single, which notably features Daniel Louden of Benevolent Like Quietus, can be seen below. This is the kind of progressive // power metal that’s intelligently written and performed, with plenty of accessibility for those who enjoy the more melodic side of things as well.

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