Embrace Fantasycore with The Wise Man’s Fear’s Sharptone debut, “Valley of Kings” (review)

The Wise Man’s Fear, 2020

As a fan of Sharptone Records, I’m always keen to see what they have to offer with their diverse, talented roster. One they’ve been marketing quite a lot is The Wise Man’s Fear, with the headline of their genre as “Fantasycore.” I was confident this band would be far more than a gimmick, so I’m giving their newest LP, Valley of Kings, a listen early!

Kicking off with “The Relics of Nihlux,” there’s an immediate sense that the blend of fantasy influences will take precedence in both the presentation and the lyricism. The instrumental and vocal prowess shows that there’s depth to this unique approach. Zelda fans rejoice, for the next track is entitled “Breath of the Wild.” The clean vocals in the bridge/outro are an auditory treat, with a powerful backing from the band.

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Red-hot new band Properties of Nature release “L.S.F.H.Q.P.” featuring Isaac Wilson of Dwellings

Properties of Nature, 2019

I’m always game for new Swancore, and I was pleased to come across Properties of Nature. With only two songs under their belt, they’ve finally set on their debut album to release next month, with the leading single being “L.S.F.H.Q.P.

This song touches upon a failing relationship and has lyrical flashbacks to the honeymoon phase tied with the fallout. Isaac Wilson of similar band Dwellings gets a feature, and really goes off in his parts. Guitarist Canyon Maloy mentions: ” I remember the first time Josh showed me Dwellings’ “Lemonade” in his car … he actually credits Isaac Wilson to be the reason he wanted to sing in the first place, so having him on our first album blew us away because their music changed our band a lot.”

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Motionless In White are working on “way heavier” new music, according to Chris Motionless

Pinch us if you’ve heard this before. Band _____ is working on “heavier”, “mature”, and/or “melodic” new music. They’re all buzzwords that industryheads and musicians alike enjoy using as descriptors, but in reality, do they really mean much? No matter. Motionless In White are one such band that you wouldn’t be surprised to hear going in a “heavier” direction, a year after the release of their successful album Disguise. However, with a plethora of tour dates the band had to cancel in the wake of the coronavirus, perhaps there is something for vocalist Chris Motionless to be angry about.

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Anberlin officially confirms they’re working on new music

Critically acclaimed alt-rock band Anberlin went their separate ways in 2014, with a grand finale that was an experience to anyone able to make it out. While the band did reunite for a late 2018 hometown show with Underoath and a subsequent successful tour last year, it appears the last bastion of the band’s hiatus is drawing to a close – the band just announced they’ll be releasing new music.

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