Premiere: Gravebirth release their punishing debut EP “Decrepit” – listen!

Pennsylvania deathcore group Gravebirth has released their long awaited debut EP “Decrepit” via the almighty Chugcore. The 6 track EP showcases the up and comers in their truest form, musically speaking. Gravebirth captures punishing riffs, devastating vocals, and lyrics that take you to the depths of the human complex. Gravebirth was formed in 2017 and made their debut with their single release for “Virulent Transmissions”, and ever since the band has been piecing together the force we see today. The Decrepit EP was released through Chugcore and their respective store. Gravebirth consists of vocalist Jim Majuri and guitarist Joe Vedro; along with live members Brandon Funera, Sam DeCoske and Cody Caravella. Fans of a deathcore in the realm of Thy Art is Murder, The Last Ten Seconds of Life, AngelMaker, Distant, you get the idea, should take a listen to this monster of an EP Gravebirth has created.

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Berried Alive is ON FIRE with new LP “Fuego”

After a busy 2019/early 2020, musician Charles Caswell and his wife Kaylie have finally released their project Berried Alive’s new album, Fuego. The virtuoso pulls no punches in this devastating, brutal offering, packed to the brim with a unique mesh of deathcore, trap, and more; what makes the effort stand out so much is the immaculate production that incorporates a wide variety of killswitches, pedal boards, effects, etc. Simply-put, there’s nothing out there like it.

Much like 2018’s remarkable Bearies AliveFuego is an LP without a dull moment. Highlights stem from the vicious “Sorry Guys” (the only track title that isn’t a pun,) “Planet of the Grapes,” and “Drive by Fruiting.” A collaboration with Lucas Mann was inevitable; they’ve worked together on “DADS” as well as Charles getting a spot on Rings of Saturn’s “Pustules” last year.


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