This Day In Music History: May 11th, 2004 – Killswitch Engage release ‘The End Of Heartache’

When original vocalist Jesse Leach left the band after the release of 2002’s Alive Or Just Breathing, metalcore veterans Killswitch Engage were left in a bind. How was the band, who had just released one of modern metalcore’s best albums, supposed to bring in a new vocalist that also fit KSE’s vision at the time?

Enter the powerful vocals of one Howard Jones. Though his previous work in Blood Has Been Shed showed off a vocalist who could roar with the best of them, it was on The End Of Heartache that catapulted KSE to stardom. Eventually, the band landed a Grammy nomination for the title track, was certified Gold by the RIAA, and impressively emerged from a setback better than ever.

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Hundredth release pair of incredible covers of Postal Service and Radiohead

Hundredth, who underwent quite the stylistic change in 2017 with their landmark album RARE, have made the best of the past few weeks, releasing two noteworthy covers of electronic powerhouses The Postal Service and Radiohead.

These pieces spare no expense in production and honor the source material with tons of moving parts working in sync majestically. Chadwick’s vocals have just the right amount of processing to mesh with the technological backing provided.

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Promising UK post-hardcore band Decay set to release debut album in July, debut new song, “Comfortable”

Liverpool, UK post-hardcore band Decay came onto our radar last year via a handful of support shows with like-minded outfit Static Dress. While both bands are clearly quite talented, Decay’s brand of emo-tinged post-hardcore draws comparisons to Citizen and even Title Fight more than any other acts.

You’ll be pleased to know that ‘Comfortable’, released today, is the first new material to be shared by the band since their 2019 EP Modern Conversation – and while it might be familiar to older fans of the band, newcomers will find “Comfortable”, well, comforting.

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Mike Shinoda confirms Linkin Park is planning a special 20th anniversary release for ‘Hybrid Theory’, working on new music

One of the 5 highest-selling albums since the dawn of the new millennium, Linkin Park’s Hybrid Theory has earned its place as one of the most important rock albums of the last 20 years. Full of youthful charisma and including zero profanity (which was a strong catalyst for their all-encompassing appeal), there’s plenty of reasons why it succeeded. Right place, right time? Perhaps. Timeless music? That’s more like it.

Earlier this year, the band mentioned they’ll be celebrating the 20th anniversary of said record all year long, with stories, memorabilia, and plenty of stories to go along with it. And according to Mike Shinoda, that’s not all – Linkin Park is also planning a special 20th anniversary release for the influential record. as well. In fact, this is all happening while the band is working on new music.

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