TNF PREMIERE: New Jersey pop-rock heroes Jet Jaguar release lively new single “The One”

Jet Jaguar

After bursting out of the gates with their fiery debut single and video for “Anvil”, New Jersey pop-rock band Jet Jaguar are back to deliver us a charismatic love song; “The One”. The song looks into the failure of a past relationship that felt like the be-all-end-all, the last first kiss, the person who was supposed to be (dare we say it) “the one”. In this new single, Jet Jaguar explores a familiar feeling of heartbreak and vulnerability that pairs perfectly with guitarist / singer Pete Zen’s soft, pleasant vocals and charming lyrics.

We’re stoked to bring you the world premiere right here, right now!

“‘The One’ is a song that dives into the topic of an on and off-again relationship, and how sometimes things just don’t work out.” – Pete Zen

Bursting at the seams with with upbeat riffs, clean guitars and singalong worthy vocals, Jet Jaguar‘s “The One” is a windows-down pop-rock jam for the next time we’re allowed to go on a road trip. Pre-save the single here:

Boston Manor’s “GLUE” gets deep in your feelings with their third album (review)

Boston Manor, 2020

I haven’t had the time to give Boston Manor a dedicated listen, but I have a friend who’s head-over-heels for the band. I recall some exuberant tracks off of their first album, Be Nothing., and now have the chance to dig into their latest offering, GLUE. Described by vocalist Henry Cox as “very chaotic,” I’m going in blind having not heard any singles before checking this one out.

Beginning with “Everything is Ordinary,” this song is anything but. Autotuned singing is met with melodic punk with a tinge of synth. The electronic elements contribute to a compelling blend of genres in this opening piece. The next track is “1’s & 0’s,” which has more aggressive vocals and profound guitar tones for a more traditional punk vibe. This one’s bridge is remarkable, sure to enlist moshers when live shows make their return.

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Static-X and Dope have $200k worth of gear stolen from them

Platinum selling international recording artists STATIC-X have filed a police report with the LAPD, citing that their warehouse space (which is also shared with the band Dope) was recently robbed of nearly 200K worth of touring equipment during the Coronavirus Lockdown. The two bands were advised to take the story public, in order to help raise awareness with other small business owners and bands alike.

“With most of us in lock down, and those who aren’t locked down, wearing masks in public, apparently it’s a great time to be a thief”, says Static-X drummer Ken Jay.

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