Wage War are recording a new album, release teaser of new music – listen

The release of last year’s Pressure for Florida metalcore band Wage War showed the successful band at a definite crossroads. While not necessarily as bad of an album as some critics claimed, much of Pressure felt like it was stuck in neutral. That being said, Wage War isn’t far removed from two solid metalcore albums in both Blueprints and its sophomore followup, Deadweight. The band’s nu-metal influenced metalcore doesn’t necessarily reinvent the real, but those two albums were delivered with passion and conviction – and their accessibility certainly helped too.

It’s with all that being said that many fans are curious to know when their next album will be released. While it’s been not quite a year since the release of Pressure, new music might be coming sooner than you think – especially if the teaser the band just released on social media is any indication.

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