This Day In Music History: April 13th, 2004 – Crossfade crash the rock charts with self-titled debut album

If you’re a fan of rock music of the last 20 years or so, you’re likely to have heard at least one Crossfade song. For a few years (and even now, to some extent), massive hits like “Cold” and “Colors” cemented themselves as rock radio staples. There’s plenty of reasons why, but first and foremost, it’s Crossfade’s ability to craft catchy choruses and relatable lyrics that made their 2004 self-titled debut album such a smash hit.

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Satyr drummer Brody Smith flexes impressive chops with drum playthrough for “Bird” – watch

One of 2020’s best debut albums comes from Atlanta progressive post-hardcore band Satyr. If you weren’t already aware, we’re sorta enamored with what the band is doing right now. Reminiscent of the likes of The Fall Of Troy and Dance Gavin Dance, Satyr puts their own spin on a crowded genre with a very unique sound that’s more than the sum of their parts. In short, Satyr deserves to be on your radar – like, right now.

While the band’s touring plans aren’t clear right now (maybe you’ve heard of that thing called the Coronavirus), Satyr drummer Brody Smith (who also holds down the fort in the bands Exist and Proliferation) has released a new drum playthrough for the song “Bird” – one of the more technically-inclined songs on the band’s debut album. While it was actually released in late February, that timeline doesn’t really matter, considering good music and musical talent in general has no expiration date. Give the playthrough a watch below, and prepare to be impressed.

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NOM∀DIC takes a unique approach to their album delay

Finding NOM∀DIC in my music search was like finding a diamond in the rough. This metal act transcends genres and has a presentation like no other, as, from their logo to their recent singles’ artwork, the band values every facet of their captivation.

Upon speaking to them, I’ve learned of their plan to release their newest album, Euphoria. While most bands release a few singles ahead of a big album, NOM∀DIC is doing things differently. They plan to release a song off the album every two weeks, each with their own artwork, until every track has been unveiled by July 10th.

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Premiere: North Carolina metalcore band Discerner release new song “No Rest” – listen

Discerner has released their heavy-hitting new song “No Rest”, and we are quite impressed. The Raleigh, North Carolina band builds on a fusion of downtempo and the nu-metalcore sound that has made waves in the scene throughout the last 5 years with bands like Dealer, Alpha Wolf, and VCTMS. Discerner released their first two songs “Pharisees” and “Gnashing Teeth” in 2019, and the band has continued to grow and build on their sound all the way into 2020 with their two latest songs “Straight Laced” and now “No Rest”.

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