Ocean Grove Member Tests Positive for COVID-19

Australian rockers Ocean Grove just released their new album Flip Phone Fantasy last week, but they have been met with awful news.

In a statement on their social media this evening, they announced that a member of the band has tested positive for the dreaded Coronavirus. This bad news comes after the band took part in meet-and-greets, so the announcement came with the advisory to get tested if any symptoms show.

This is a horrible development, as the band was on the upswing after this high-octane release. New Fury wishes the band well and hopes for a speedy recovery to this member, who the band did not reveal out of respect.

Jarrod Alonge Announces Deathcore Parody Album “The Praxis of Prophylaxis”

A career I’ve followed very closely over the years is of Jarrod Alonge. This talented media mastermind has had success with both his viral YouTube videos covering the music scene, as well as actually venturing into the scene with his own parody music. He has teamed up with ex-Attack Attack! and current Bilmuri vocalist/guitarist Johnny Franck to record a pop-punk album (Sunrise Skater Kids), an emo album (Canadian Softball), a metalcore EP (Amidst the Grave’s Demons), and a catchall album.

One of the bands on the Jarrod Alonge album is Vermicide Violence, taking on deathcore. The abhorrent “Inconceivable Somatic Defecation,” featuring fellow YouTuber Jared Dines, gave a detailed taste of how gross deathcore lyricism can be. While Jarrod has given his other projects more attention, it’s Vermicide Violence’s time to shine with The Praxis of Prophylaxis¬†releasing on April 17th.

The announcement video plays off with hot takes on the current pandemic, which frames the perfect time to release the album, which promises to “educate you on disease prevention, breast cancer awareness and much, MUCH more.” Jarrod’s parody albums have turned out to be delightful listens, with guaranteed laugh-out-loud moments the first time around and jams to be had on repeated listens. If you like to laugh just as much as you like to bang your head, this is a release to keep your eyes on!

Cloud Cascade: How Invent Animate came back from the brink to release “Greyview”

Releasing an album that people immediately start to love and appreciate is a tall task in itself. Couple that with not releasing a record for 4 years as well as replacing an acclaimed vocalist in Ben English, and Invent Animate’s impressive progressive metalcore achievement on Greyview is even more magnified. After all, 4 years – especially in a music scene where trends tend to move at lightspeed – is a lengthy amount of time.

Upping their technical wizardry to 11 and introducing another established face behind the mic in ex-Aviana frontman Marcus Vik, there’s plenty of familiarity on Greyview – but also plenty of excitement for their future. We caught up with the new Invent Animate frontman about what it’s like joining a new project, as well as what Adept means to him. Read on for more.

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