Linkin Park have some “special things” planned to celebrate their debut album, ‘Hybrid Theory’

Not that it needs much in the way of introduction, but Linkin Park’s landmark debut album, Hybrid Theory, turns 20 later this year. Buoyed by massive rock radio staples like “In The End” and “One Step Closer”, the record is still an essential modern rock template that’s aged incredibly well, too. Now, the chart-topping band wants YOU to be a part of the 20 year anniversary celebration, and here’s how you can do it.

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Halflives – Resilience EP Review

Paris, France alternative band Halflives have a statement to make: “We all have half lives.” The profoundness of this sentiment is echoed by their unique blend of alternative, pop, and even trap elements in their entertaining presentation. Making a splash with their 2017 effort Empty Rooms, the act is set to release their EP Resilience this Friday, March 13th, and we got our hands on it early to give you our impressions!

Resilience opens up with “Rockstar Everyday,” exemplifying the pop influences and giving off Pvris and Chvrches vibes as soon as the chorus hits. This is a track that is just as fun to sing to in the verse as it is to dance to in the chorus.

The vocals take the forefront in “Snake,” overlaying the percussive beat with nothing else to get in the way until the pre-chorus. With the lyricism at the forefront, Halflives avoids sounding generic through their mental imagery.

“Time Bomb” features Sleeping with Sirens’ iconic vocalist Kellin Quinn, and stands to be the breakout track on Resilience. While Kellin definitely didn’t phone it in (as he even uses unclean vocals!), the song stands out well enough on its own, with the feature being the icing on the cake.

“One Bad Day” ironically features very upbeat instrumentation to juxtapose the depressive lyrics. This is a nice track to relate to when the listener is down in the dumps. Yes, we hear you, Linda!

We wrap things up with “Hard to Break”, a 180-change in tone from “One Bad Day”. The sing-songy chorus could easily hit radio airwaves, as this song is single-worthy from front to back.

While short in length, Resilience is a fitting title to represent Halflives career, as they pick up even more steam with this great addition to their discography. My only gripe is that I want more from the band! Here’s looking to a sophomore full-length, but in the meantime, you can enjoy Resilience when it hits this Friday, March 13th!

Everything we know about Activision’s foray into battle royale, Call Of Duty: Warzone

After months of leaks, rumors, and uncertainty that the game mode even existed in the first place, we finally have it. Call of Duty: Warzone is now available to download FREE! Yeah, that’s right, FREE! The new game is a stand alone download, meaning you don’t need to purchase Modern Warfare to play it. Warzone supports a massive 150 players on Call of Duty’s biggest map. Warzone holds two separate game modes — Battle Royale, and Plunder. Battle Royale is what you would expect, with some twists — If killed you are thrown into the Gulag. You are thrown into the arena with another player, winner gets redeployed. I really like this idea, and after playing a few rounds I seem to get pumped to 1v1 another player for survival when I get downed. Plunder is a cash grab game mode with respawn enabled. Warzone is played in a squad of trios — with no solo or duo option.

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