Is ‘Disambiguation’ actually Underoath’s best album? An analysis

Define The Great Line is often hailed as the archetypal Underoath album. And why not? It’s one of the more notable artistic achievements of 2000’s metalcore, as the Florida-based band really honed their songwriting skills to create a harrowing, yet anthemic record. Who amongst us can’t say they’ve sung along really loud to “Writing In The Walls” while posting on Myspace?

That being said, the band’s most impressive achievement might be on 2010’s Disambiguation. Why, you ask? Beyond the sheer musicality of the album, which impresses on its own with a much darker tone that narrated vocalist Spencer Chamberlain’s battles with personal demons, the album also has no Aaron Gillespie on it to provide the light/dark balance of the band’s previous albums. No matter, though. Daniel Davison proved a more than capable fill-in behind the kit, giving Spencer ample spotlight to shine.

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Vera tackles the struggles of addiction and recovery in video for “Burden Of The Master” – listen!

It’s been a busy year for the Memphis, Tennessee heavy metalcore hitters in Vera. The band has released their video for “Burden of the Master”, which is a heavy hitting song about overcoming addiction and the struggles along the way. “Burden of the Master” is taken from the band’s newest album “Summerland”. The song resonates with anyone who has experienced the effects of addiction, which affects the lives of countless and ruins families worldwide. If you ask anyone who has battled with this relentless enemy, they’ll probably say they regret every letting the poison in their lives. “Burden of the Master” does a good job had surfacing the realities of it all. Watch the video for yourself below. Vera’s debut full length album “Summerland” is out now worldwide!

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August Burns Red unveils second single from upcoming album, “Bones”

August Burns Red have cemented themselves as one of the most consistently solid bands in all of metalcore. Many of their records could be considered their overall best – from 2007’s Messengers to even Rescue and Restore – but it’s the band’s overall consistency in their genre that really makes them a crowd favorite. It’s not for nothing they’re about to tour with Killswitch Engage, for instance.

The band’s new single, “Bones”, is another catchy single that doesn’t stray far from what ABR does best – riff-heavy, melodic metalcore with a powerful vocal performance from Jake Luhrs. Don’t believe us? Listen to “Bones” below.

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Stream Glacier Veins’ Debut Album Now

Portland, Oregon rockers Glacier Veins have been pumping out music since 2016, but the time has come to finally unleash their first album, The World You Want To See. I was hooked from my first listen of “Everything Glows” and felt a rush of nostalgia upon first experiencing “Driveway”, a surefire hit.

The band is labeled as “Dream Punk”, a moniker befitting of the band’s hopeful-yet-gritty sound. This unique artist takes some of the best elements from alternative, pop-punk, and post-hardcore to inspire a genuine feel to their music. There’s a lot to love about a band that has grinded their way to an Equal Vision record deal, who believe in the band enough to put them in the much-deserved spotlight.

You can now stream the album a day early over at BrooklynVegan, and catch the band on tour with the legendary Have Mercy during their farewell! This is a band you won’t regret giving a shot!