Saving Vice takes you track by track on their new album, ‘Hello There’

New England post-hardcore/metalcore band Saving Vice have released their long-awaited debut album, Hello There, as of Friday the 22nd. A solid record that showcases the band’s styles well enough, it really does lie somewhere between modern post-hardcore and metalcore. You might even well say that if this was 2010, they’d be on Rise Records!

The band’s hard work since their inception just a few years ago has really paid off. Saving Vice have hit an impressive 40k+ monthly listeners on Spotify, played iMatter Festival multiple times, and they’ve done all of this as an independent act with no label backing. Of course, being on a label means less than it did even 5 years ago, but that’s not the point – Saving Vice have backed their solid musical abilities with the work ethic that’s needed to succeed in today’s oversaturated market.

We’re excited to bring you a track-by-track overview of each song on Hello There, as well – so give that a read below and jam the new album as well. Especially “Black Briar” – it encapsulates the band’s overall sound very well, too.

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Starve To Survive rebrand as STARVED, emerge with explosive new single “Becoming Dirt”

Newcastle, UK-based metalcore band Starve To Survive have rebranded themselves as Starved, and fittingly, the underground favorites have emerged with a new song to celebrate the auditory change as well.

The single is called “Becoming Dirt” and will be up on Spotify February 28th. For now, however, you can watch their exclusive new video for this hard hitting new song below. The new song does bring in a stylistic change as well, with a more melodic chorus that hints at their fellow peers like Loathe and even Blood Youth, but it really feels like Starved are starting to find what they’re good at here with a solid all-round performance. We think you’ll be convinced too.

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