Story Of The Year’s 2003 debut album ‘Page Avenue’ is certified Platinum by the RIAA

Of all the post-hardcore and alt-rock albums of the first half of the 00’s, Story Of The Year’s Page Avenue stands tall in both being a solid album, as well as a commercially successful record for the St. Louis band. Going from virtual unknowns to signing to Madonna’s Maverick Records, the band went on to great success – eventually touring with the likes of Linkin Park and P.O.D..

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Currents shed their “Second Skin” on promising new single – listen

Ever since the release of their 2017 debut album The Place I Feel Safest, progressive metalcore band Currents have made a name for themselves in the music scene – often touring alongside some of the biggest names in hardcore and metal. While not necessarily a band that is groundbreaking, Currents do play a prominent role in shaping where the genre might go next, and it certainly helps that the entire band has musical talent in spades.

The band’s new single, “Second Skin”, is proof of their growth. Honing their musical talents into one of their most compelling songs to date, “Second Skin” is more than worth your listen. Let’s hope it’s a song off the band’s next full-length record – maybe due out this year? Here’s hoping.

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Interview: Billy T. Cooper and ‘Sno’ Drake of The Designs

The Designs are an electro groove metal project with cabaret and goth influences created by Billy T. Cooper of JTR Sickert and ‘Sno’ Drake of Snovonne. Billy and Sno are based out of Modena, Italy, have toured Europe extensively with their previous projects, and will be touring the USA later on this year as The Designs. To get a real good feel for The Designs intriguing sound watch the short studio update video after the interview. And one side note – Snovonne was very recently named “Female Visual Artist of 2019” by the American Horrors Channel.

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The Video Games That Shaped Me (Michael Campbell // Satyr)

One of the most interesting new post-hardcore bands going right now, Atlanta’s Satyr have emerged from a crowded pack of like-minded bands to create something unique with their debut album, Locus. The album, which is out now, is bound to be one of our favorites of 2020. If you like adventurous progressive post-hardcore with a metal foundation, this is the band for you – except notably, Satyr are awfully adept at adding catchy melodies to their unique sound.

Of course, the members of Satyr – especially guitarist/vocalist Michael Campbell – are also into gaming. That’s why we brought in Michael to discuss a few of the video games that have truly shaped his life. Check out the full feature below for a nostalgia trip.

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