Krosis pushes the boundaries of progressive death metal on new album, “A Memoir of Free Will” (Review)

In a sea of music that is constantly evolving, it’s a rare form to find a band that truly brings an innovative drive to the table. Krosis is one of those artists. The progressive death metal outfit has proved just that with their new album, A Memoir of Free Will. Krosis pushes themselves to create enticing music that pushes the genre to new heights. The band is preparing to unleash their new full length album A Memoir of Free Will via the legendary Unique Leader Records. February 7th marks the release of this landmark album for Krosis, and we’re here to give you our thoughts on the new album.

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August Burns Red return with more consistently solid metalcore on new song, “Defender”

August Burns Red are one of the most consistently solid metalcore bands around. It’s awfully hard to call any of their records outright bad, or really even mediocre. and while the band’s 2009 album Constellations is a definite fan favorite, there’s a strong case for almost any one of their records to be considered their best.

It’s with that being said that ABR’s new single, “Defender”, still maintains the quality you’ve come to expect from the metalcore veterans – but it also still manages to sound fairly fresh. The song arrives off their upcoming new album, Guardians, which drops this April. You can also check out the tracklisting and impressive album art below.

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The Video Games That Shaped Me (Nikki Misery // New Years Day)

Gaming and music have much, much more in common than you’d think at face value. For one, many musicians on the road are killing time just by bringing their Nintendo Switch or other systems on long, overnight drives. Makes a lot of sense, of course.

One of the other things music + gaming have in common is artistic expression. It’s hard to not consider games like Super Mario 64 and Okami works of art, whether it’s the freedom of movement or graphic design that defines these games. It’s also not a surprise that video games are an important part of New Years Day guitarist’s Nikki Misery’s lifestyle. A profound importance on his childhood, the popular rock band have certainly been around the block in their history, and Nikki joined us for our new feature, The Video Games That Shaped Me. It’s our brand new feature where we bring in a musicians, athlete, or other prominent figure to discuss a handful of the games that have shaped their lives. If you’d like to be featured on an upcoming edition of this column, drop us a line!

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Progressive death metal band Monotheist debut new vocalist on new song, “Twilight Of The Wolves”

Orlando, Florida progressive death metal band Monotheist (Prosthetic Records) have unleashed a brand new song, “Twilight Of The Wolves”. The new song is the band’s first in two years, and also features new vocalist Cooper Bates, who replaced former vocalist JJ Polachek. Give the new song a spin below.

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