The Acacia Strain surprises fans with “D” 7″ vinyl with two new songs – listen!

New England’s The Acacia Strain, veterans of the scene for almost two decades, have dropped “D,” a new seven inch and digital release through Rise Records. It includes two tracks: “Feed A Pigeon, Breed A Rat” and “Seeing God,” the latter of which features Aaron Heard of Jesus Piece/Nothing. The band has yet again surprised fans with new music. Their last album, “It Comes in Waves” was released with little warning back in December of 2019.

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25 albums you won’t believe are celebrating their 20th anniversaries in 2020

Few years in the annals of music history are more significant than the year 2000. The turn of a new millennium brought with it a rapidly changing musical climate, and as the music industry inched closer to its current reliance on streaming, new genres of music became marketable. 20 years ago, you had nu-metal hitting its commercial peak, with the oncoming storm (hah!) of post-hardcore and metalcore not far behind, in particular. You also had post-metal upstarts like Isis start to emerge out of the underground, the humble beginnings of Lamb Of God, and many more.

Join us as we take a look at 25 albums you won’t believe are turning 20 this year. From Outkast to Radiohead, Marilyn Manson to Mudvayne, and Linkin Park to Limp Bizkit, the gang’s all here.

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Hopesfall re-emerge with stunning, expansive new single, “Hall Of The Sky” – listen

On their 2018 comeback record Arbiter, pioneering post-hardcore/metalcore band Hopesfall clearly hadn’t run out of compelling things to say on their first album in a decade. Now, the band is back with “Hall Of The Sky”, Hopesfall’s first batch of new material since the album’s release, and boy is it impressive.

Clocking in at almost 9 minutes long, “Hall Of The Sky” is nothing if not ambitious. A massive, monolithic track that never overstays its welcome, Hopesfall’s new song encapsulates all that made Arbiter great – attention to melody and overall detail, with an effecting vocal performance from Jay Forrest as well. Give the song a spin below.

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Premiere: Nevertel Has You Caught in “Another Lie”

A band that’s flown under the radar for several years now is Nevertel. A seriously-underrated act, these rockers have a knack for blending post-hardcore and rap without one genre overtaking the other. Their 2018 EP Deep Down is an easy top-5 of all time for me, with every song sticking out. Employing other elements like the layering of electronic effects, stellar unclean vocals and strong bridges make Nevertel a standout act.

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