Technical deathcore band Despondent release brutal new album “The Cosmic Horror” – listen

Despondent is a Slamming Technical Deathcore outfit originally from Akron, OH. The band has relocated to Washington. Since their inception in 2014, Despondent has released two EP’s, Awakening The Elder Gods and The Gallows. Following the release of the EP’s, Despondent unleashed their debut full length album titled Tales of Insanity in 2016 that helped propel the band’s fanbase and presence in the scene. Now that the new decade has rung in, Despondent have made a triumphant return with their long awaited album The Cosmic Horror. The album is a brutally composed piece with a slew of features that compliment the album. “The Cosmic Horror” premiered exclusively through Chugcore and is available worldwide. 13 tracks each with their own lick of flavor. Despondent brings a nice collection of intergalactic metal. Check it out for yourself below!

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This Post Malone + A Day To Remember mashup sounds like “If It Means A Lot To You”, part II

11 years ago, A Day To Remember released their breakout third album, Homesick. Featuring huge singles like “The Downfall Of Us All” and fan favorites like the ballad “If It Means A Lot To You”, it’s not a surprise why the pop-punk/metalcore band gained popularity.

Of course, current music superstar Post Malone has always been known for his involvement in the post-hardcore and metalcore scenes, so it also shouldn’t be a surprise that there’s now a fan-made mashup remix of Post Malone’s “Better Now” and the aforementioned ADTR ballad. Interestingly, it totally works!

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Savage Hands vocalist Mike Garrow talks “The Truth In Your Eyes”, Polaris, and their upcoming tour

Interview: Savage Hands

having released a successful debut EP and signing with Sharptone Records a couple years ago, Savage Hands deliver post-hardcore with huge hooks. Their debut album, The Truth In Your Eyes, drops this Friday – and we were fortunate enough to interview vocalist Mike Garrow from the band as well. Check out our discussion below, and read our review of the record here.

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On debut album “The Truth In Your Eyes”, Savage Hands emerge as post-hardcore’s new breakout band (Review)

Maryland post-hardcore/metalcore outfit Savage Hands are back with their full-length LP, The Truth In Your Eyes that will be their first full-length release with SharpTone Records. We were delighted to be able to check out the record, and it doesn’t disappoint. Lead vocalist Mike Garrow has stated that this new album was a way to exploit any negativity and somehow convert into positivity. You can read the interview we did with the band here.

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