Tool wins Grammy Award for Best Metal Performance with “7empest”

To nobody’s surprise, progressive metal legends Tool have won a GRAMMY Award® for Best Metal Performance for their song “7empest”. The song, which is off the band’s comeback album Fear Inoculum from 2019, has to be one of the longest songs to win a Grammy award – clocking in at almost 16 minutes long. Danny Carey (drums) and Justin Chancellor (bass) accepted the awards at today’s Premiere Ceremony in Los Angeles.

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Rule Of Nines: Spiritbox are progressive metal’s next juggernaut

Having just an EP and a handful of singles to their name, you could be forgiven for not knowing metal newcomers Spiritbox. Of course, the band, who consist of ex-members of iwrestledabearonce (specifically, vocalist Courtney LaPlante and guitarist Michael Stringer), dabble in progressive and technical metal. One word to describe them more accurately might well be unpredictable, as songs like “Electric Cross” and “Rule Of Nines” show off the band’s ability to shift gears on a dime. While comparisons to like-minded acts like Jinjer and Tesseract might not be too far off, it’s clear that the members of Spiritbox are their own unique entity.

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Banks’ brilliant 2014 alt-pop debut “Goddess” is now certified Gold by the RIAA

A lot can change in a decade – just ask Jillian Banks, AKA singer-songwriter Banks. At the beginning of last decade, the alt-pop star was majoring in psychology at USC and hiding her music from the world. Fast forward to now, and she’s toured with The Weeknd twice, embarked on sold-out tours of her own, and released three of the more notable alt/pop/R&B records of recent lore. While certainly last year’s III and sophomore album The Altar were worthy of many listens, it’s her 2014 debut Goddess that’s really spectacular.

The sound of an artist coming into her own early on, and buoyed by huge songs like the Shlomo-produced “Brain” and the breathtaking “You Should Know Where I’m Coming From”, Goddess has now deservedly been certified Gold by the RIAA for sales of over 500,000 records. Very, very impressive. Can you believe she used to write music in her bedroom? If you’ve never heard Goddess before, you owe it to yourself to do so if you’re a fan of confessional, confident, yet vulnerable dark pop/R&B. Trust us on this one.

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Essenger combines alt-rock and synthwave on 80’s-inspired new single, “Lost Boys (feat. Young Medicine)”

Electronic music – specifically retro-inspired synthwave – has certainly increased in popularity the last few years. Just ask The Midnight, LeBrock, Timecop1983, and Prizm, who have seen a huge uptick in attention. And it’s easy to see (well, hear) why – nostalgia is definitely in. But there’s always a market and an audience for catchy electronic pop-rock too, and Kansas City’s Essenger dabbles in those areas, too.

Newly signed to FIXT Music’s Neon wing, Essenger has released a string of singles that have gained him an early fanbase, and his new single “Lost Boys” – which features fellow KC synthrock band Young Medicine – adds a sharper edge to Essenger’s already flourishing sound. In fact, the 80’s-inspired track might remind you of newer Bring Me The Horizon or even Starset if either of them focused even more on the electronic aspects of their sound. It’s awfully hard not to be impressed by this highly catchy and anthemic song. Give it a spin below and let us know you thoughts.

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