Deftones’ frontman Chino Moreno approves of the stunning new Loathe single, “Two-Way Mirror”

If you listen to Loathe’s startling good new single “Two-Way Mirror”, you’ll probably be transfixed by its alt-rock beauty almost right away. The Zak Pinchin-directed music video has pushed upwards of 40,000 views on Youtube in just 2 days, a high number for a band that’s not on everyone’s radar…yet. Of course, they will be rather soon once their sophomore album drops next month, and they’re certainly on ours, too.

Many songs on the upcoming record are also influenced by alt-metal legends Deftones, and while it’s easy to draw comparisons to the band, Loathe are certainly their own entity. However, it’s always to get noticed by your heroes, and if Deftones vocalist Chino Moreno thinks you’re worthy of attention, your music has to be worth a listen.

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Interview: Get to know All-In Moment

In poker, going “all-in” generally means putting your chips in the middle of the table and going for broke, no matter how foolish or brave it might seem. For Staten Island, NY rock/metal band All-In Moment, that couldn’t be more fitting. A hard rock newcomer that takes influences from multiple areas of the heavy rock spectrum, the band’s self-titled debut album (released late last year) has provided a solid foundation, and it’s clear the inspired fan response has also spurred the rising band to bigger things in the future.

We sat down with All-In Moment, through the wonderful technology of e-mail, to discuss their new album and a plethora of other topics too. Check out the read below and listen to their debut album as you go along, too!

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