BTS ‘Interlude: Shadow’ Comeback Trailer

BTS is the biggest group in KPOP and won’t be handing over their crown anytime soon. Yesterday they dropped the comeback trailer for their latest album Map of the Soul: 7 ‘Interlude Shadow.’ The comeback trailer stars Suga, dealing with the pressures of fame. The innocence of wanting everything and then the harsh reality of when you have finally become famous. Striking visuals of him performing in front of a crowd of fans flashing with their phones in the air, in the video he is constantly surrounded by people trying to get closer to him, while he is battling the persona of Suga with who he really is Yoongi. The pressures of the fame they have accumulated, how he wanted to be a star but now that he is so high he doesn’t want to fall. Map of the Soul: 7 will be out February 21st, and until then we’ll be playing this trailer on repeat. Let us know your thoughts on the video.

Poppy “I Disagree” Album Review – Wacky, Risky, Compelling

I’m a sucker for bands that experiment, and when Poppy released the music video for “Concrete”, I good a good dose of “WTF?” upon my first listen. It was evident that this song elicited two responses with little in-between: “I love it” or “I detest this with my very being”.

Working with multiple genres inside one song is very risky. It can be a challenge to mesh two different sounds cohesively. I personally think it works in most cases within I Disagree. “Concrete” sounding like Queen and The Beatles with metalcore is a thrill, but the rest of the tracks on the album do not see these levels of experimentation.

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Code Orange unleash a new era of music with “Underneath”, detail upcoming album

After teasing it via social media the past few weeks, Pittsburgh’s Code Orange are breaking boundaries with their new single, “Underneath”. The title track to their upcoming 4th full-length on Roadrunner Records, “Underneath” is an adventurous new side to the band that shows off the industrial and tech influences that they explored on Forever – but in a more accessible way. Don’t mistake accessible for soft, though. The Grammy-nominated + Coachella-playing metalcore outfit plays with rock and metal conventions while adding massive hooks that will no doubt boost their profile.

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