Swiss post-rock band Hubris. launch enthralling, Greek mythology-influenced new single “Heracles” – listen

Here’s a fresh find for you today. We’re big fans of the expansive, often thrilling and cinematic forms of post-rock – you know, bands like Long Distance Calling, God Is An Astronaut, and Explosions In The Sky. These bands happen to be very good at the kind of music you might find in the climax of a movie, or they might provide the perfect soundtrack to falling asleep at night.

You’ll likely find those traits and more in “Heracles”, the profoundly interesting new single by Swiss post-rock outfit Hubris. Having released two previous intriguing full-lengths previously, the relatively new band proves to be quite talented at what they’re going for – lush, lengthy, and atmospheric post-rock. Needless to say, we think you’ll dig this one, so give it a spin below.

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