Secret Eyes might just blow you away with new album, “Holding On” (Review)

Since their debut album Comatose came out in 2015, it seemed that the boys in Secret Eyes went silent for a bit. After quite some time (4 years, in fact), the Pittsburgh alt-rock band are back at it again and better than ever with yet another excellent album Holding On. Released on November 1st via InVogue Records, it’s pretty evident that Secret Eyes is more than confident than ever in their sound and ability to produce a record that seamlessly combines so many different styles onto 13 tracks.

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Do Bands Get Better When Jonny Craig Leaves Them?

Thumbnail photo credit to Steven Cook

Jonny Craig has struggled with drug usage for the better part of this decade. In fact, he’s struggled so much that he’s either left or been kicked out of three bands now. First, it was Emarosa in 2010, then Dance Gavin Dance in 2012, and, after some give-and-take, he is out of Slaves as of this year. While he is on mostly good terms with these bands (even touring with DGD while he was with Slaves, filling in on some songs), the consensus seems to be that he isn’t stable enough to fulfill persistent vocal duties.

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This Day In Music History: December 7th, 1998 – Nightwish release the landmark “Oceanborn”

First impressions are everything. For Nightwish – one of the most heralded acts to ever emerge from Finland – their debut album Angels Fall First was famously considered an “extended demo” by bandleader Tuomas Holopainen. Of course, at this point and time the band was a fledgling, yet promising power metal band from Scandinavia – and on 1998’s sophomore album Oceanborn, it’s clear the band’s ambition and scope were destined to plot a course for similar, yet disparate gothic and symphonic acts to follow.

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