Film Review : Last Christmas (2019)


With the holiday season now upon us its time for some mainstream holiday films to ooze their way into our hearts. First major release of the season we get though is Last Christmas, a film that pulls on the heart strings in ways we didn’t imagine while never feeling cheesy or bland while doing so.

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From The Beatles to Linkin Park, Metallica to Taylor Swift, here’s the highest-selling albums of the last 50 years

Off the top of your head, who do you think the highest-selling musicians of all-time are? A few names come to mind. Led Zeppelin, Linkin Park, Whitney Houston, The Beatles, and Metallica all ring a few bells, and there’s definitely hundreds more that we don’t have the space to talk about. Sad!

What’s not sad, however, is we’ve found a stellar new 10-minute video that essentially details the highest-selling musicians since 1969 – quarter by quarter. Most of the visualizer isn’t too much of a surprise if you know your music history, generally speaking.

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