Instrumental prog-rock artist Kalani dazzles and inspires on new album, “Pursuit”

When it comes to instrumental bands, particularly in the rock genre, very few make it into a listener’s ears unless you have reached the status of those like CHON and other similar bands. Even fewer can surpass the point of being recognized for their technical skill and their ability to move, uplift, and inspire through use of no vocal ability at all. Nevada’s own Kalani and his new debut album Pursuit seems to do this and more. The album debuted November 10, 2019 as an independent release and is already garnering a bit of attention. Pursuit takes us on a musical soundscape experience of beautiful cathartic guitars that really transport the listener to another world entirely that when the record finishes, you find yourself hitting the replay button to return back.

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We Came As Romans announce “To Plant A Seed” 10-year anniversary tour

Ten years ago, a metaphorical seed was planted – both in the hearts of their loyal fanbase, and in the band themselves. Now, We Came As Romans are plotting a special anniversary tour, celebrating the 10-year anniversary of their debut album, To Plant A Seed.

“We’re really excited to announce the 10-year-anniversary tour for our first record ‘To Plant A Seed’,” says guitarist Joshua Moore. “Being able to watch our fans connect with us through music over the last decade has been an amazing privilege, and it all started with ‘To Plant A Seed’. Way back in 2009 when we recorded it, we had no idea where it would take us or what we were really even doing, and it’s awesome to see that we can play these songs still, and feel that connection with you.”

The tour kicks off on March 5 in Chicago and runs through April 11 in Pontiac, Michigan, and will feature support from The Devil Wears Prada, Gideon, and Dayseeker.

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