A Different Shade Of Awesome: Man crowdsurfs to the stage during Knocked Loose’s set in Atlanta – watch

Knocked Loose are currently enjoying a huge year, headlining a major tour on the backs of their new album A Different Shade Of Blue, and while the band might not quite be everyone’s cup of tea (ding dong, your opinion is WRONG though), there’s no disputing that Knocked Loose is one of many bands bringing new life into what heavy music can be.

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PVRIS release haunting, long-awaited new EP, “Hallucinations” – listen

(Photo: Ashley Osborn)

The alt-pop trio PVRIS are back with a bewitching and haunting new EP, Hallucinations that will leave you hungry for more. After much teasing, and the singles “Death of Me” and “Hallucinations” were released it was only time before we were given a taste of the magic to come. PVRIS have been known to diverge between genres, from rock to alternative, to pop, always leaving a masterpiece behind in each wake. With the recent signing to Warner/Reprise Records, this new direction for PVRIS brings a lot to the table with reminisces of love, healing, and a sense of clarity in finding yourself and moving on.

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