10 June Album Releases You Need To Be Hyped For

With 2017 already almost halfway in the books, and some really good releases by Full Of Hell, Our Hollow Our Home, and No Omega out, there’s plenty of new music to get hooked on. These bands have been tearing up their respective scenes, but there’s also a number of releases coming out the rest of the year that fans of any music will want to keep an eye on.

June in particular is a shockingly good month for music. The following releases are ones you’ll want to consider picking up, and this isn’t even including releases from All Time Low, Rise Against, and Obey The Brave.

18 Visions (XVIII)

I’ve listened to this album a few dozen times since receiving the promo copy. All I can really say is that if you miss the influential metalcore sound 18V had on Vanity and even Until The Ink Runs Out, you’ll LOVE this record. It’s a stunningly good comeback record that is very heavy, but also contains a roaring tribute to Mick Morris on the track “Live Again”. Don’t sleep. 18V is alive.

Eidola (To Speak, To Listen)

The Salt Lake City progressive post-hardcore outfit’s new album, which is being released on Blue Swan Records, is worth a listen just based on the first single. For longtime fans of the band, though, it confirms what we already knew – 2015’s Degeneraterra is only the beginning of Eidola’s greatness. To Speak, To Listen, Eidola’s 3rd album, is going to be one that breaks down barriers.

Chon (Homey)

Instrumental rock/fusion band Chon have proven adept and gifted musicians, really since their demo almost a decade (!!!) ago. Their 2nd full-length for Sumerian Records is an evolution of their defined sound, but also breaks exciting new ground in the genre.

Hundredth (Rare)

Everyone’s favorite melodic hardcore band now goes shoegazey alt-rock. It’s a bold move to be sure, but it’s also one that will extend the life of the band, certainly. Rare is going to turn some heads.

Broadside (Paradise)

Yet another pop-punk band, I know, but Broadside’s sophomore effort has the potential to be a spectacular one. In fact, Paradise is likely going to be the album that launches Broadside into the public consciousness as a band that has plenty of energy, and great songwriting abilities to boot.

The One Hundred (Chaos & Bliss)

London rock newcomers The One Hundred are nothing if not really confusing to pigeonhole. At first listen, their song “Monster” might remind listeners of artists as varied as Hadouken!, Linkin Park, and/or Enter Shikari, but The One Hundred’s merging of electronica, hip-hop, and crunchy alt-metal might end up blowing your mind instead.

Volumes (Different Animals)

With an arsenal of talented musicians (including new vocalist Myke Terry) and an increased hip-hop influence and aesthetic (“On Her Mind” features rising rapper Pouya), Volumes are set to explode on Different Animals, the band’s 3rd full-length album. Progressive metal and hip-hop never sounded so good together.

The White Noise (AM/PM)

Snarling, aggressive active rock is the name of the game for The White Noise, the Los Angeles outfit that’s gaining traction seemingly with every passing day. The band’s new single, “Bite Marks”, deserves to be played on basically every rock radio station in the USA. AM/PM, the band’s new album out June 23rd, is an aggressive, up-tempo crunch of alt-metal fury armed with Shawn Walker, one of the best new vocalists around. Don’t sleep on The White Noise.

The Acacia Strain (Gravebloom)

Slow. Heavy. Angry. Doom. 8 full-lengths into their career, The Acacia Strain are still the band you’re familiar with, but there’s always a surprise or two as well.

Anathema (The Optimist)

24 years after the band’s doom-metal debut full-length Serenades, Anathema are back with their 11th album, The Optimist. Anathema has always challenged the preconceived notions one might have listening to an atmospheric rock album like this, and like most Anathema records, it’s one that bears repeated listens. The build-up and payoff in “Springfield” will blow you away.