Fit For A King examine life’s struggles on new song, “Locked (In My Head)”

Texas metalcore band Fit For A King are gearing up for what might be the biggest album of their career to date this September. 2018’s Dark Skies locked the band’s brand of catchy metalcore into huge support tour slots, and while the coronavirus cut that album cycle short a little, the band is making the best of things. Namely, with the newly-released third single off their upcoming album, “Locked (In My Head)”. Stream the new song below.

“While Locked may seem a little out of place on an album centered around victory and overcoming life’s challenges, it’s a song about understanding that all the mental things we fight through can only be defeated by our own will and perseverance,” front man Ryan Kirby shares. “Along the road, we will get help, whether from God or others, but at the end of it all, it’s a war that YOU must fight, and YOU must win.”

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This Day In Music History: August 8th, 2006 – Breaking Benjamin releases the Platinum-certified album ‘Phobia’

While their hold on rock radio (and rock music at large) is obviously easily quantified at this point in their careers, there was a time where Breaking Benjamin still had something to prove. While creating their third record Phobia, the band was under some surely intense pressure to follow (hah!) their two previous successful albums. Especially 2004’s We Are Not Alone, which featured a few huge singles like “So Cold” and “Sooner Or Later”, and which also propelled the band to new heights. One listen to 2006’s Phobia, though, and the band’s status as hitmakers was cemented.

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Healer releases their new song “Into The Fray” and announce their new album

Healer is a newly founded United States metalcore band signed to InVogue Records. Healer leans to the heavier side of metalcore standing with bands like Northlane, ERRA, Architects, and Invent, Animate. The band is a group that was birthed under the label and have had a compelling and strong launch into the music scene. The band made entry with their debut song Separation on July 23rd. Sooner rather than later the band released their newest song Into The Fray which happens to be the title track of the Healer’s debut album. Into The Fray is a great follow-up to their debut song Separation.  The band’s debut album Into The Fray is due to release on October 16th, 2020. We had a chance to get a comment from vocalist Cody Harmon about the upcoming record and the meaning behind Healer.

To be honest, I can’t tell you how excited I am for this. These guys helped me realize more of my potential as a musician, and together we made my particular vision come to life. Healer stands for more than just music, but a beacon of hope and light for those struggling. My career as a social worker and my past traumas have shown me a lot in my short 27 years. I hope this reaches people like I planned, because we’re very happy to have created it. – Cody Harmon


New Music Friday is in full effect with new Misery Signals, In Hearts Wake, The Fall Of Troy, + more

There’s a few Fridays every year where it feels like a ton of amazing albums/EPs come out. Earlier this summer, we had an awesome day in June 5th (Currents, END, Emery, etc.) and today we have a wild amount of new releases – almost too many to track. Here’s some of our highlights:

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